Tom’s Special Thanksgiving Day by Alan Matkovic

Tom’s Special Thanksgiving Day is an exceptionally cute holiday tale of farm animals, a farmer, and the farm’s only turkey.

When Tom woke Thanksgiving morning, he learned that it was his special day, but he couldn’t remember why. The other animals ignored his happy mood and went about their day.

At this point in the story, I was thinking, “No, Matkovic wouldn’t do that, would they? They wouldn’t write a story that led to poor, happy Tom sitting on the farmer’s table, would they?”

As the story progressed through wonderfully illustrated pages, the story of Tom’s special day unfolded and what happens when a forgetful turkey jumps to the wrong conclusion.

While I am not a fan of humans being able to speak to and understand animals, the story and illustrations brought a smile to my face. I know young children will love to add this to their collection alongside Pumpkin Soup and A Pipkin of Pepper for their holiday reads.

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