The Christmas Goblin by MG Mason

The Christmas Goblin is a very cute children’s holiday story. We begin two hundred years in the future on a planet called Zeem with an unnamed grandmother and her three grandchildren. A sand storm is raging outside at bedtime on Christmas Eve and they settle in to hear a story. Kaven, the oldest, doesn’t want to hear stories about snow since they will never see it again, but her younger siblings, Samia and Shen, are happy for any story. After settling their argument, everyone settles in to hear Grandma’s stories of the Christmas Goblin.

The first story is about a young boy who is charged with taking gingerbread to his grandmother in the woods. This is very reminiscent of Little Red Riding Hood, except instead of a wolf, he finds a goblin who needs to go to the bathroom sitting on a troll. The question placed before our young protagonist is whether he should help the goblin and risk being late getting home or run home so that he doesn’t get in trouble.

The second story is about a snotty, spoiled girl who can’t wait for Christmas. She treats others with contempt and has an unfortunate encounter with a young chimney sweep. When a large Christmas gift is delivered, she must decide if she is going to wait until Christmas or open it and deny she had.

Mason’s last story of the Christmas Goblin brings us back into the present when the sirens blare, driving everyone to the shelter. Kaven is racing to her parent’s shelter when she has to decide whether she is going to help someone else or save herself first.

The stories were lovely on their own, and I enjoyed each one but there was a sense of wanting just a little more in each story. The characters felt one sided and there only to act as the required actor. In short, it could have been any character rather than these characters. They needed a little more depth.

This would be a very good book to read to a child (five or six years old) during a snowstorm or Christmas Eve… or whenever they have been acting up throughout the year.

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