Twisted Fairy Tales by Stewart Ross, Samantha Newman, and Jo Franklin

Who doesn’t like reading old fairy tales with new twists? In this collection of Twisted Fairy Tales, the authors present six twisted tales illustrated by Chris Jevons and James Hearne. In the first offering, Cinder-Elephant, Newman and Hearne deliver a delightful spin on Cinderella. In this version, poor Cinderella has … Read more

Revolutionary Prudence Wright by Beth Anderson

It is without a doubt that women (and many other groups) and tales of their accomplishments have been lost to the sands of time. For every one person who made it into the history books, countless others have been ignored. Prudence Wright and the women of Pepperell, MA is one … Read more

Tom’s Special Thanksgiving Day by Alan Matkovic

Tom’s Special Thanksgiving Day is an exceptionally cute holiday tale of farm animals, a farmer, and the farm’s only turkey. When Tom woke Thanksgiving morning, he learned that it was his special day, but he couldn’t remember why. The other animals ignored his happy mood and went about their day. … Read more