Thirteen Chairs by Dave Shelton

There is rumor of a house that has a room where ghosts gather to tell ghost stories. Jack is curious about this house and, one night, sees a light shining from under a closed door. Inside the room, sit a group of storytellers. In this anthology, Shelton allows us to … Read more

The Stories In Between by River Dixon

There are thirteen stories in this collection. Here are short descriptions for six of them showing Dixon’s range and collection theme. In “Little Voice,” Dixon takes the reader through a man’s psychosis as he battles against a small voice that turned up one day emanating from his belly. This story … Read more

The Christmas Goblin by MG Mason

The Christmas Goblin is a very cute children’s holiday story. We begin two hundred years in the future on a planet called Zeem with an unnamed grandmother and her three grandchildren. A sand storm is raging outside at bedtime on Christmas Eve and they settle in to hear a story. … Read more