2021-2022 Published Clients

The Chasm

In this post-apocalyptic fiction sequel to The Calling, a group of survivors and evolved beings must set aside their differences if they are to survive new, greater threats.


Shao wants to be her own person, do her own thing, and not live her father's life, but in this science fiction tale, her pursuit is interrupted by the Wanderer's awakening.


Having a special gift means nothing if you can't give it to the world. In this science fiction fantasy tale, Isaac learns giving away his gift is easier said than done.

In the End

Daniel and Clara's story comes to an end when the hands of time cannot be stopped. No stone is unturned in Book 7 of the Can I Take Your Pain series.

Winds of Change

With the kids growing up and life racing toward retirement, Clara and Daniel must accept the coming tide or be swept under in Book 6 of the Can I Take Your Pain series.

Life is Life

Daniel and Clara's story continues in Book 5 of the Can I Take Your Pain series. After everything that has happened, the last challenge facing the Bunning family is fate.

How a Donut Destroyed Earth

This children's short story collection is a great read for all ages. From mysterious events on floor thirteen to lessons from Mother Nature, there is something for everyone in this eclectic collection.

Writer's Lift

A hilarious satire about online writing communities. This is a must read for any writer who spends far too much time scrolling social media.

Dreams of Fire

In this electropunk fantasy, magic and science collide when Farris runs away from everything he's ever known and into the wild where fae and humans share a strained peace.

The Cardinal & The Crow

Jack and Sam are missing something from their seemingly complete lives but don't know what that something is until an old family debt is settled in this contemporary romance.

Other Projects

  • Homebrew RPG Player’s Guide
  • Spark Sun by Wider Path Games
  • Screenplay adaptation for Sodenia by Luigi Robles
  • Science Fiction developmental edit
  • Contemporary Romance developmental edit
  • Horror developmental edit
  • Historical Romance manuscript evaluation
  • 100+ blog article edits
  • 20+ Kindle Vella episode edits