Mr. Bambuckle: Rule the School by Tim Harris

I have to get this out of the way: WHY END THERE!?!

Who do you get when you mix Magic School Bus’s Miss Frizzle, Wayside School’s Mrs. Jewls, and a touch of Doctor Who? Mr. Bambuckle is who!

The 6th grade class in 12B (because what school has a 13th classroom) are disconnected from themselves and each other. Until Mr. Bambuckle rides in on his unicycle. Their new teacher is unlike any other. He has pockets that hold anything and everything, a unicycle that moves itself, can read minds, and even becomes involved in note passing even though he is on the opposite side of the classroom.

The students love him! He helps each one find their voice – even the class bully who emulates his father. He helps each student discover something about themselves they never saw before – but he did. Not everyone in the school likes him, though, and Principal Sternblast is determined to get rid of Mr. Bambuckle. A new job rests on him firing the best teacher Class 12B has ever had.

This is book one of a series and it is absolutely hilarious. Harris takes the reader on a journey through the students’ lives as Mr. Bambuckle guides them through their day. I don’t want to give away their stories, but the images Harris created in his writing is marvelous. From flying kilts and secret plots to spying and how not to act on a date, these kids resonate on so many levels. Sixth grade is such a hard year filled with self-discovery and insecurity, that having a teacher like Mr. Bambuckle is worth fighting for… and that is exactly what they plan to do — in the next book.

Seriously, I love this book, but…but…but…why leave it there? I can only imagine how aggravating this ending will be to kids reading it. I do hope the next book comes out soon after the first one.

I highly recommend this book for EVERYONE! Adults will love it, kids will see bits of themselves in Class 12B, and if you love the Frizz, you’ll love Mr. Bambuckle.

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