Me Myself & Him by Chris Tebbetts


Me, Myself, & Him is a split timeline tale of how one decision can have dramatically different results.

After Chris does whippets and passes out at work his life could take one of two paths: he lies and stays at home for the last summer before college or he gets found out and shipped off to his father’s for the last summer before college.

Each timeline is revealed in alternating chapters which would not be so bad if both storylines were equally engaging and developed, but that is not the case. Both storylines had their faults and neither one feels complete. In the storyline where he went to California for the summer was both the best and worst timeline. Even though the main character is gay, as soon as he gets off the plane and sees his 14-year-old soon-to-be step-sister he comments on her breasts and their size. Um…excuse me? In this timeline, there are more inappropriate, off-the-wall comments regarding the “crush” that she was developing on him at the same time Chris was starting a relationship with a guy in his drug group.

In the other timeline, Chris is found doing more drugs with a coworker and not making the right choices. Strangely enough, this timeline introduced the “reason” for his parents’ divorce in the last few chapters and it just opened unresolved questions where there didn’t need to be.

I have mixed feelings on this book because on one hand, exploring how one decision could result in different things happening is fun and creative, the story just felt flat and I was investing in the “California” Chris until his breast comment and I just couldn’t get behind the “Stay at home” Chris. I can see this story appealing to 16 to 19 year old guys though.

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