How a Donut Destroyed Earth: And Other Strange and Unusual Tales by Stephen Capobianco

How A Donut Destroyed Earth: And Other Strange And Unusual Tales by [Steven Capobianco, Antonio Garcia]

If you (or your child) are a fan of quirky short stories, this is the book for you. Capobianco starts our journey in the Etherwood, a medieval, magical place where Barry, the worst bard, is sent to destroy a dragon only to end up their honored guest–for a while, at least. The stories in this collection don’t share a common setting or genre, but each has a quirkiness that showcases Capobianco’s writing style. From scientist-turned-rat in an apartment building to bullies who don’t pay enough attention to what they are reading, there truly is something for everyone.

My personal favorite, Reality Check, is a first-person journey through the Twilight Zone where the world had broken and needed “resetting.” But… what happens when the reset world feels like the strange one?

Capobianco shares a brief passage regarding each of the stories and what brought it about, which is a nice touch.

Overall, this is a solid (albeit a bit short) collection of flash fiction fit for all ages (over 10 is recommended). The book is available at all major online ebook retailers (to my knowledge).

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