A House Divided: The Lost Daughter by Haiko Hörnig

The Lost Daughter is the final book in the A House Divided graphic novel series by Haiko Hörnig, and it does not disappoint. Spoiler-free review: Henrietta inherited a massive tower home once owned by a wizard. The local townspeople feared and hated the wizard and everything about the house… until … Read more

Stone Hill: Book of Crane by Dean Rasmussen

Stone Hill: Book of Crane is a short horror story by Deam Rasmussen. Pastor Crane is behind on the rent, and Mr. Gilley, his landlord, has come to collect the rent money. What transpires next can only be described as Stephen King’s thing in the crate meets H.P. Lovecraft. There … Read more

Twisted Fairy Tales by Stewart Ross, Samantha Newman, and Jo Franklin

Who doesn’t like reading old fairy tales with new twists? In this collection of Twisted Fairy Tales, the authors present six twisted tales illustrated by Chris Jevons and James Hearne. In the first offering, Cinder-Elephant, Newman and Hearne deliver a delightful spin on Cinderella. In this version, poor Cinderella has … Read more

Library of Nightmares by Ray Scrivener

The Library of Nightmares is a collection of fourteen (though the description states thirteen) flash fiction horror tales. I was excited to see this short collection offered through Kindle Unlimited because I love flash fiction, and I love tales of horror and things that go bump in the night. My … Read more