The Accursed Inheritance of Henrietta Achilles: Book 1 by Haiko Hörnig

Henrietta’s story begins in the middle of a war where her mother protects her and loses her life in the process. That event has left Henrietta with claustrophobia (and perhaps more issues than we know about). After spending nine years in an orphanage, she is collected by a man who claims she has inherited her late uncle’s estate–an uncle she never knew existed.

That covers the first third (roughly) of the short book, and then we get introduced to key townsfolk before being dropped into the heart of the story–her uncle was a wizard and has a war taking place in his former tower residence with awesome statues that listen to everything taking place.

Henrietta is an awkward, insecure teenager who loves to read and has a big heart. I immediately fell in love with this character and many of the “fighters” on all sides.

My only complaint with this short graphic novel/comic book is that it was far too short. The heart of the book was introducing the characters and one action sequence, but then it just dropped there. If it were in novel format, I would say it stopped after the first plot point and just left me disappointed.

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