Stone Hill: Book of Crane by Dean Rasmussen

Stone Hill: Book of Crane is a short horror story by Deam Rasmussen. Pastor Crane is behind on the rent, and Mr. Gilley, his landlord, has come to collect the rent money. What transpires next can only be described as Stephen King’s thing in the crate meets H.P. Lovecraft. There is more to Pastor Crane than meets the eye, and I am sure he does not serve the same deity that people assume he does.

Rasmussen’s writing is engaging and descriptive, and the story presented was nearly flawless. The only complaint I have is that there was little explanation provided, but that is given a pass since this story is a prequel to the Stone Hill series.

As a horror, it works well and relies on setting and action to tell the story rather than filling page after page with gore. This is a very nice, clean horror.

I will definitely be reading more of their works in the future.

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