Mr. Penguin and the Lost Treasure by Alex T. Smith

Smith hit a home run with this one! Mr. Penguin, a penguin from the South now living in the Northern city of Cityville, loved reading adventure stories and one day decided to invest everything he had in becoming an adventurer. He had the office, the hat, the faithful partner, but the only thing he didn’t have were clients.

Miss Bones phoned and was in quite a state. She must find the treasure buried in the museum, and Mr. Penguin is the only one she could turn to for help. She needed an adventurer!

As soon as Mr. Penguin and his spider partner, Colin, arrived at the Museum, Colin heard banging. Now, as an adult reading the book, it was quite apparent that Miss Bones and her brother, Montague, were probably not who they claimed to be (especially after hearing that two escaped convicts were also interested in the treasure), but that is part of the book’s fun. How long would it take for Mr. Penguin to discover that Miss Bones was not Miss Bones?

After discovering a secret basement world created by the museum’s founder, Mr. Penguin and Colin faced danger at every turn. A close friend came to the rescue, and everyone got what they deserved in the end.

All of the characters are fantastic, full, lively, and accentuated by illustrations. Adults and children of all ages will love Mr. Penguin and root for him. I cannot wait to read another adventure.

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