Open Mic Night at the Westminster Cemetery by Mary Amato

Fantastic! Lacy wakes up in the Westminister Cemetery, not realizing that she is dead. She is the first person buried in the cemetery in decades and immediately thrusts the place into a silent revolution. Under the stern, watchful eye of Mrs. Steele, residents have been ruled and scared into sleeping. What started as a challenge, … Read more

Sapphire the Great and the Meaning of Life by Beverley Brenna

Oh my gosh! Brenna hit a home run with the book! It grabs you by the throat and pulls you in on the very first page, and doesn’t let go of your heartstrings until the last page. Better have some tissues handy (good tears…not bad). The story is told through short alternating chapters between Jeannie … Read more

Skateboard Sibby by Clare O’Connor

O’Connor landed a backside bluntslide with this one! Sibby is living with her grandparents after her parents sold their house. Change is hard, but is made even harder when you don’t talk about your feelings. On her first day of school, she meets Freddie, who became a bully over the summer. Life changed for him … Read more

We’re Not From Here by Geoff Rodkey

Rodkey’s book starts out on Mars. Humans have mucked up Earth so bad, survivors are huddled together in a failing Mars station. Life in the station is rough for Lan and Ila. If wearing holey trade-in clothes wasn’t bad enough, the food riots caused by their father’s Chow convinced many it was time to leave. … Read more

Spacekid iLk: Invasion 101 by Andrew Hammond

Hammond’s hilarious story and illustrations will relate to both children and adults. iLK is growing up on his parent’s spaceship travelling from planet to planet. All he wants to do is care for his plants and survive his youth. All his parents want is for him to grow up and learn responsibility. His father and … Read more