A House Divided: The Lost Daughter by Haiko Hörnig

The Lost Daughter is the final book in the A House Divided graphic novel series by Haiko Hörnig, and it does not disappoint.

Spoiler-free review:

Henrietta inherited a massive tower home once owned by a wizard. The local townspeople feared and hated the wizard and everything about the house… until Henrietta arrived. She has a good heart, defends her friends, and doesn’t accept things at face value.

In this closing chapter of the series, Henrietta’s path comes full circle, and we see everyone’s true colors. After facing loss and betrayal, Henrietta is faced with her greatest enemy yet… the truth. When the truth finally comes out, Henrietta (and her friends) must each decide between what is easy and what is right. Each rise to the occasion and show that the best things in life are the ones we fight for.

Hörnig’s story is filled with the value of friendship, loyalty, betrayal, love, family, and redemption. The illustrations bring the story to life, and this graphic novel series would make an amazing tv show. I cannot recommend this series enough if you like tales of magic, battles, and found family.

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